Orkun Akin*
Role of neural activity in sculpting the connectome
Amjad Askary*
Assistant Professor
Lineage and cell fate specification in the mammalian retina
Utpal Banerjee
Blood stem cell maintenance; Metabolic and signaling control of Mammalian embryonic development
Steven Bensinger*
Lipid metabolism, inflammation and immunity
Aparna Bhaduri*
human brain development, as well as how these trajectories are hijacked in brain cancer such as glioblastoma
Douglas Black*
Regulation of gene expression through pre-mRNA splicing
Mehdi Bouhaddou*
Decoding Viral Control of Host Signaling to Design Multi-Virus Therapeutic Strategies
Paul Boutros*
create biomarkers to maximize cure and minimize morbidities
Peter Bradley*
Host-pathogen interactions in Toxoplasma gondii
Siobhan Braybrook*
Investigating host polysaccharide and microbiome interactions in plants and algae
Samantha Butler*
Development and regeneration of spinal neural circuits
Jau-Nian Chen*
Normal and abnormal development cardiovascular development
Heather Christofk*
Signaling pathways and metabolism in stem cells and cancers
Amander Clark*
Professor and Director of the CRSHE
Stem cell biology, infertility and cancer
Daniel Cohn*
Molecular basis of skeletal dysplasias
Hilary Coller*
MBIDP Interim Chair
Molecular basis of cellular quiescence
Gay Crooks*
Human hematopoietic stem cells, lymphopoiesis and transplantation
Rachelle Crosbie*
Cell-matrix interactions in neuromuscular disease
Lydia Daboussi*
Molecular Mechanisms of Peripheral Nerve Regeneration
David Dawson*
Molecular alterations responsible for pancreatic adenocarcinoma
Arjun Deb
Activating heart stem cells to generate new heart muscle 
Sophie X. Deng*
Improve current treatments for patients with limbal stem cell deficiency
David Eisenberg*
Protein Structure, folding and design
Jason Ernst*
Machine learning methods to analyze high-throughput data
D’Juan Farmer*
Assistant Professor, Molecular, Cell and Developmental Biology
Alison Frand
Molting cycle of the model nematode C. elegans
Andrew Goldstein*
Epithelial stem cells & prostate cancer initiation and progression
Brigitte Gomperts
Role of adult stem cells in repair and regeneration of the lungs
Thomas Graeber*
Systems biology of cancer and immune signaling and metabolism
Ming Guo*
Molecular mechanisms of Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease
Elissa Hallem*
Sensory neurobiology of parasitic and free-living nematodes
Volker Hartenstein
Brain development in the genetic model system, Drosophila melanogaster
Tikvah Hayes
Assistant Professor
Understanding protein kinase variant functionality and resistance to targeted therapies in cancer
Kent Hill*
Motility and Signaling Functions of the Trypanosome Cilium
Alexander Hoffmann*
Systems biology approaches to understand immune responses
Jimmy Hu*
Signaling pathway and biomechanical regulation of morphogenesis and epithelial stem cells
Jing Huang*
Structure and function of protein networks in the cell
Steven Jacobsen
Mechanisms of epigenetic gene regulation by DNA methylation
Tracy Johnson*
Pre-messenger RNA splicing and processing; chromatin modification
Carla Koehler*
Mitochondrial biogenesis- protein translocation into mitochondria
Harley Kornblum*
Growth Factors in brain development and plasticity
Deborah Krakow
Genes and mechanisms that lead to inherited osteochondrodysplasia
Siavash Kurdistani*
Epigenetics in biology and disease
Gerald Lipshutz*
Gene therapy approaches for treating metabolic disorders
Jeffrey Long*
Chromatin modifiers regulating plant stem cells
Bill Lowry*
Cell fate decisions in development and cancer
Julia Mack
Vascular biology, endothelial cell mechanotransduction and signaling
Julian Martinez-Agosto*
Genetics of growth signals in development, cancer and syndromes
Sanaz Memarzadeh
Overcoming mechanisms of therapy resistance in human carcinomas
M. Carrie Miceli
T Cell activation and inactivation
Hanna Mikkola*
Molecular regulation of hematopoietic stem cell development
Atsushi (Austin) Nakano
Stem cell and developmental biology of the heart
Bennett Novitch*
Mechanisms of differentiation of neural stem cells into defined lineages
Tim O’Sullivan*
Tissue-resident innate immune responses during infection, cancer, and obesity
Frank Pajonk
Cancer stem cells, proteasomes and radiation biology
Gregory Payne
Mechanisms of intracellular protein traffic and endocytosis 
Matteo Pellegrini*
Development and application of tools to interpret genomic and epigenomic data
Yirong Peng*
Molecular mechanism that underlies the development of the visual system
Kathrin Plath*
Epigenetic regulation of stem cell self-renewal, differentiation, and cancer
April Pyle*
Biology of pluripotent stem cells, skeletal muscle and disease
Margot Quinlan*
Regulation of the actin cytoskeleton
Amy Rowat
Physical properties, structure and function of cells and the nucleus
Alvaro Sagasti*
Growth of sensory axon arbors in the peripheral nervous system
Claudio Scafoglio
Adjunct Assistant Professor
Investigating the role of glucose transport in cancer cell metabolism, differentiation, and microenvironment.
Felix Schweizer
Molecular mechanisms of neurotransmitter release
Philip Scumpia*
Understanding immunity and developing immunotherapies for skin diseases.
Karen Sears*
Evolution and development of mammals
David Shackelford
intersection of signal transduction and metabolism in cancer in order to identify the molecular and metabolic basis of tumor development and progression
Pavak Shah*
Synaptogenesis and neural circuit development
Alice Soragni*
Assistant Professor-in-Residence
Melissa Spencer*
Mechanisms, pathogenesis and therapy of muscular dystrophies
Elizabeth Tarling*
Molecular mechanisms that maintain cholesterol trafficking and homeostasis in immune cells in metabolic and cardiopulmonary diseases.
Michael Teitell*
Mitochondrial metabolism; Stem and B cell development and malignancy; bioengineering
Jorge Torres*
Mitotic spindle formation during cell division and its misregulation in human diseases like cancer
Marlin Touma*
Assistant Professor
Epigenetics, Genomics, Rare Disease, Computational Medicine
Alexander van der Bliek
Mechanisms of mitochondrial membrane dynamics
Claudio Villanueva*
molecular mechanisms that underly the cellular plasticity of adipocytes
Thomas Vondriska*
Epigenomic regulation of the cardiovascular system
David Walker
Role of mitochondrial energy metabolism in aging
Michael Wells*
Assistant Professor
David Williams*
Intracellular transport of organelles and ciliary proteins
James Wohlschlegel
Dissecting Ubiquitin-regulated Signaling Networks
Lili Yang*
Next-generation immune checkpoint blockade therapy & off-the-shelf CAR-iNKT cell therapy for cancer
Xian-Jie Yang
Development of the vertebrate central nervous system
Jesse Zamudio*
Functional RNAs in Human Development and Disease
Ye Zhang*
Astrocyte development and neurological disorders
Jie Zheng*
Therapeutic development in ophthalmology and Wnt signaling pathways
Hong Zhou*
CryoEM of membrane proteins, protein-nucleic acid complexes and microbes
Zhenqi Zhou*
Molecular mechanisms that regulate mitochondrial function and metabolic diseases
S. Larry Zipursky
Identifying and manipulating neuronal connections