The Fermentation Core Facility is located in Boyer Hall room #123, and consists of three Bio Engineering fermentors with an aggregate capacity of 45 Liters. These fermentors allow the large-scale growth of bacteria or yeast in volumes up to 15L each with the ability to control the temperature, pH, and dissolved oxygen content of the growth media. In addition, the ability to introduce additional nutrients and/or supplemental oxygen allows microbial growth to high cell densities, thus maximizing cell yields. All growth parameters can be controlled manually or automatically through the use of sophisticated instrument controllers.  Ancillary equipment that supports these fermentors includes a small continuous flow centrifuge, a French press, and a cell disruptor.

This Fermentation Core was made possible by a grant received by Professor Carla Koehler.

For more information, please contact:

Mark Arbing, Ph.D.
Director, Protein Expression Technology Center
UCLA-DOE Institute
Boyer Hall Room 113
Lab: 310-206-2871