MBI Member Awards 2015-2020


Grace Aldrovandi

2015       Silver Awards, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

Valerie Arboleda

2017-2022            Office of the NIH Director, Early Independence Award (DP5)

2016-17               Daljit S. and Eliane Sarkaria Fellow, Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine

Reza Ardehali

2015       Douglas P. Zipes Distinguished Young Scientist Award

Arjun Deb

2016       Bernard and Joan Marshall Research Excellence Award, British Society of Cardiovascular Research

Keriann Backus

2019       Kolin Endowed Chair

2019       V Scholar Research Award

2019       DARPA Young Faculty Award

2019       Beckman Young Investigator

Steven Bensinger

2016       UCLA Life Sciences Excellence Award for Outstanding Research

Gal Bitan

2018       Undergraduate Research Week Faculty Mentor Award

Douglas Black

2015       American Association for the Advancement of Science Fellow

Louis Bouchard

2015       ΑΧΣ (UCLA) Glenn T. Seaborg Award

Paul Boutros

2018       Bernard and Francine Dorval Prize

Guillaume Chanfreau

2017       American Cancer Society Determination Award

Jau-Nian Chen

2017       UCLA Life Sciences Innovation Award

Marie-Francoise Chesselet

2016       Legion of Honor

Heather Christofk

2017       Wachtel Cancer Research Award Honorable Mention

Steven Clarke

2018       William C. Rose Award

Steven Cole

2016       Norman Cousins Award, Psychoneuroimmunlogy Research Society

Hilary Coller

2020       UCLA Life Sciences Excellence Award – Educational Innovation

2019       UCLA Life Sciences Excellence Award – Excellence in Research, Associate Professor

Stephanie Correa

2020       Undergraduate Research Week Faculty Mentor Award

Lindsay De Biase

2019       Glen Foundation and American Foundation for Aging Research Grant for Junior Faculty

2018       NARSAD Young Investigator Award

2017       NIDA Postdoctoral Fellow Mentoring Award

2017       NIDA Women’s Science Advisory Committee, Excellence in Scientific Research Award

2016       Fellows Award for Research Excellence, NIH

2016      Second Place; Poster awards, Winter Conference on Brain Research, Breckenridge, CO

2015      Fellows Award for Research Excellence, NIH

Luis de la Torre-Ubieta

2015       Image Award, Wellcome Trust

Laura DeNardo

2018 Mentored Scientist Career Development Award (K01), NIMH

2017 Allison J. Doupe Fellowship, McKnight Endowment Fund

Steven Dubinett

2019       William S. Middleton Award

Pascal Egea

2013-2018            Alexander and Renee Kolin Endowed Professorship of Molecular Biology and Biophysics

David Eisenberg

2020      Passano Award Laureate

2017       Paul Sigler Prize

2015      Legacy Award

2015       ADBMB Bert and Natalie Vallee Award in Biomedical Science

Juli Feigon

2020       Diverisy, Equity, and Inclusion Research Award

2017      Dorothy Crowfoot Hodgkin Award

William Gelbart

2020       Undergraduate Research Week Faculty Mentor Award

2017       Glenn T. Seaborg Medal

Andrew Goldstein

2017       Research Scholar Award, American Cancer Society

2017       Research Career Development Award, STOP Cancer

Brigitte Gomperts

2018       Margaret E. Early Award for Cancer Research, Margaret E. Early Medical Research Trust

2017       Member Seed Grant (Lung Cancer), STOP Cancer Foundation

Tamir Gonen

2018       Chair, Biophysical Society CryoEM subgroup

2017       Investigator, Howard Hughes Medical Institute

Michel Grunstein

2018       Albert Lasker Award for Basic Medical Research Award

2016       Gruber Genetics Prize

Elissa Hallem

2020       Undergraduate Research Week Faculty Mentor Award

Oliver Hankinson

2019       Society of Toxicology Education Award

Elaine Hsiao

2019       UCLA Life Sciences Excellence Award – Excellence in Research, Assistant Professor

2018       Ben Barres Early Career Acceleration Award

Jimmy Hu

2016       K99/R00 award from NIH NIDCR

Patricia Johnson

2019       Elected to National Academy of Sciences

2019       Alice C.C. Wang Award

Michael Jung

2019       American Association for Cancer Research Award for Outstanding Achievement in Chemistry in Cancer Research

2016       Glenn T. Seaborg Award Medalist

2016       Richard C. Tolman Award, Southern California Section of the American Chemical Society

Carla Koehler

2018       American Association for the Advancement of Science Fellow

Leonid Kruglyak

2016       Edward Novitski Prize

2015       Curt Stern Award

Ohyun Kwon

2019       Novartis Chemistry Lectureship Award

2018       Boehringer Ingelheim Green Chemistry Award

2018       UC CAI Technology Development Award

Frank Laski

2016       Distinguished Teaching Award

Marc Liesa-Roig

Institute for Research in Biomedicine (IRB) Alumni of Excellence Award, Barcelona, Spain

James Lloyd-Smith

2016       Distinguished Teaching Award

William Lowry

2015       Allen Distinguished Investigator Award, the Paul G. Allen Frontiers Group

Aldons “Jake” Lusis

2015       Anitschkow Prize in Atherosclerosis Research

Kelsey Martin

2016       National Academy of Medicine

2016       American Academy of Arts and Sciences Fellow

Sabeeha Merchant

2016       Elected to the Academy of Sciences Leopoldina

Jeff F. Miller

2015       Elected to the US National Academy of Sciences

Sherie Morrison

2019       UCLA Medal Recipient

2016       Immunology, Inflammation, Infection and Transplantation (I3T) Excellence in Research Award

Bennett Novitch

2017       Ablon Fellowship Award

2016       Pilot Project award, UCLA Clinical and Translational Sciences Institute

Rachel Ogorzalek Loo

2020       American Society for Mass Spectrometry (ASMS) Al Yergey Mass Spectrometry Scientist Award

Matteo Pellegrini, Ph.D.

2019       Undergraduate Research Week Faculty Mentor Award

Kathrin Plath

2016       HHMI Faculty Scholar

April Pyle

2015-2016            UCLA Life Sciences Excellence Award for Outstanding Research Publication

Margot Quinlan

2018       Undergraduate Research Week Faculty Mentor Award

Jose Rodriguez

2020       Sloan Research Fellowship

2019       Packard Fellowship for Science and Engineering

2018       Pew Scholars Award

2018       Maximizing Investigators’ Research Award (MIRA) R35 Grant

2017         Searle Scholar

Alvaro Sagasti

2017       Distinguished Teaching Award

Stephen Smale

2019       American Association for the Advancement of Science Fellow

Alice Soragni

2019       ISSNAF / AR-TER Visiting Junior Scientist

2018       Lynda’s Fund Pilot Study Award

2018       Scialog Fellow

Melissa Spencer

2018       Golden Test Tube Award, UCLA Department of Neurology

Elizabeth Tarling

2016      Best Poster Award (1st Place – Post-doc/Assistant Researcher/Assistant Professor), Gordon Research Conference on Lipoprotein Metabolism.

2016      Travel Award, Rare Lung Diseases International Research Conference

2015       Best Poster Award (3rd Place, Basic Research – Junior Faculty), UCLA Department of Medicine Research Day.

Sotirios Tetradis

2016       American Dental education Association Leadership Institute Fellow

Peter Tontonoz

2020       Elected to the National Academy of Sciences

Jorge Torres

2019       Outstanding College/University Mentor Award presented by SACNAS

2019       Outstanding Hispanic student Mentor Award presented by SACNAS

2016       AXE Glenn T. Seaborg Award

Thomas Vallim

2017       Paul Dudley White International Scholar Award, AHA 2017

2016       David L. Williams Award Winner, Kern Lipid Conference

2015       Irvine H. Page Young Investigator Research Award Winner

David Walker

2015       The Julie Martin Mid-Career Award in Aging Research

Owen Witte

2016       Kornberg-Berg Lifetime Achievement Award in Biomedical Sciences, Stanford Medical School

2016       Award for Distinguished Research in Biomedical Sciences, Association of American Medical Colleges

2015       G.H.A. Clowes Memorial Award, American Association for Cancer Research

Lili Yang

2019       Ablon Scholar Award, UCLA

2018       Quest Award, CIRM

2017       Outstanding New Investigator Award from the American Society of Gene & Cell Therapy (ASGCT)

2017       Young Investigator Award, the American Association of Immunologists (AAI)

2017       Life Sciences Faculty Excellence Award for Outstanding Research Publication, UCLA

2016       BSCRC-RHF Research Award, Rose Hills Foundation

2016       Partnering Opportunity for Translational Research Projects Award, CIRM

2015       GTSN Challenge Award for Lethal Prostate Cancer, Prostate Cancer Foundation (PCF)

2015       Research Career Development Award, STOP CANCER Foundation

Xia Yang

2016       Popular Mechanics Breakthrough Award

Todd Yeates

2015       DeLano Award for Computational Biosciences by the American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (ASBMB)

Stephen Young

2016       Elected to the National Academy of Sciences

Lawrence Zipursky

2018       Perl-UNC Neuroscience Prize

2015       Louisa Horwitz Prize, Columbia University