The Molecular Biology Institute is an Organized Research Unit, bringing together faculty across departmental and disciplinary lines. The Institute hosts seminars and symposia with the goal of stimulating research, fostering collaboration and educating the next generation of scientists.

We invite membership applications on a rolling basis and are typically reviewed bi-annually in April and October.

Criteria for full membership

  • Established UCLA ladder faculty (Professor, Associate Professor, Assistant Professor)
  • Participation in activities of the Institute (see below).
  • A research program directed towards developing a molecular level understanding of fundamental biological processes.
  • High quality publications in the field of molecular biology.
  • External grant support.

Faculty not meeting the criteria above (e.g. new Faculty and/or those with an Adjunct appointments) may apply for Associate Membership, to begin participating in MBI activities and interacting with established members while they build their independent research programs.

Participation in Institute activities is an essential part of MBI membership and contributes to a vibrant scientific community!
Examples of participation are:

  • Attending MBI-hosted seminars
  • Presenting to fellow MBI members at the Faculty Research Seminars
  • Acknowledging the MBI in publications/presentations
  • Serving on MBI committees
  • Attending the MBI annual retreat
  • Voting on MBI ballots

Application Instructions.

Applications can be submitted at any time and will be reviewed twice/year, in April and October.

Please submit a completed application form.

Applications will be reviewed by the MBI membership committee.