Recent Publications

Mapping human haematopoietic stem cells from haemogenic endothelium to birth

Published in the journal Nature

(Vincenzo Calvanese…Hanna K. A. Mikkola)

EED is required for mouse primordial germ cell differentiation in the embryonic gonad

Published in the journal Developmental Cell

(Matthew G. Lowe, Ming-Ren Yen, Fei-Man Hsu, …, Sissy E. Wamaitha, Pao-Yang Chen, Amander T. Clark)

Next Thursday Seminar


Molecular Biology PhD student, Gabriella Rubert (pictured above), was a semi-finalist in the 2023 UCLA Grad Slam competition. Her talk title was “You Are What You Eat: Nutrient-Specific Transcriptional Responses to Feeding and Fasting”. Congratulations, Gabriella!

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