Recent Publications

Xist nucleates local protein gradients to propagate silencing across the X chromosome

Published in the journal Cell

(Yolanda Markaki, Johnny Gan Chong, Yuying Wang, …, Mitchell Guttman,
Tom Chou, Kathrin Plath)

Development of allogeneic HSC-engineered iNKT cells for off-the-shelf cancer immunotherapy

Published in the journal Cell Reports Medicine

(Yan-Ruide Li, Yang Zhou, Yu Jeong Kim, …, Owen Witte, Pin Wang, Lili Yang)

Next Thursday Seminar


UCLA researchers co-led by MBI member Philip Scumpia, have developed new technology that takes pictures of a suspicious-looking lesion and quickly produces a detailed, microscopic image of the skin instead of surgically removing a sample of skin. The new imaging technology may provide a new avenue for rapid diagnosis of malignant skin tumors, reducing the number of unnecessary invasive skin biopsies and allowing earlier diagnosis of skin cancer. Read more here.

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