Boyer Hall Room Reservations

There are currently two conference rooms and a patio area available for reservation. These spaces are intended to support the mission of the Molecular Biology Institute, which is to advance scientific progress through collaboration and education.

Policies & Guidelines

Requests for booking can be made online here. Requests are reviewed by the MBI Office Coordinator and prioritized based on the affiliation of the requestor (MBI or QcBio Faculty or postdocs, students in affiliated programs etc) the size of the group and the purpose of the meeting.

NOTE: Due to high demand by large interdisciplinary groups, Boyer Hall 159 is not available to individual labs for weekly lab meetings.

General use policies:

  • Reservations will be confirmed by the MBI Office Coordinator
  • Reservations can be made up to 2 quarters ahead of time (except in cases of an Annual meeting/conference)
  • Rooms are available from 8:00am to 5:00pm. Requests for bookings after 5pm or on weekends will be considered on a case-by-case basis, based on the priorities listed above and require an FSR.
  • Groups must start and end on time
  • Reservations should allow enough time to clean and re-set the room furniture to its original state
  • The door/window system can only be opened by Boyer Hall staff and should be closed when the meeting/event has finished
  • Keys to any of the conference rooms or kitchen for out-of-hours use can be signed out for a maximum of 24 hours (or over a weekend in the case of a Friday night event)
  • The Boyer Hall patio can be reserved only when room 159 is not in use by another group, due to noise issues
  • Occasionally, reservations will be canceled to accommodate high-priority events. In this case, requesters will be notified as soon as possible

Any of the following will limit a group’s ability to reserve Boyer Hall room(s) in the future:  

  • Remaining in the room after the reservation time, preventing the next group from starting their meeting
  • Canceling the meeting without notifying the MBI office (i.e. No Show)
  • Leaving furniture in disarray
  • Failing to clean up food items and wipe tables
  • Damage to any part of the conference room(s) or patio
  • Failing to return room keys within the times listed above
  • Leaving any exterior doors open at the end of an event
  • Lack of professional courtesy when communicating with Boyer Hall staff

Boyer Hall Conference Room Staff:

Nadia Avila Administrative Coordinator Boyer Hall 168 (310) 825-1018
Brandon Medrano Asst. Building Manager Boyer Hall 135 (310) 825-7124
Oren Saig Building Manager Boyer Hall 127 (310) 825-8887

Sigman Room (Boyer 130)

Sigman 130
  • Maximum capacity: 30-40 (classroom style)
  • Laptops connect via VGA or HDMI.
  • LED display monitor requires extendable pointer (no laser pointer)
  • NOTE: there is no amplified sound system in this room.

Boyer 159

  • Maximum Capacity: 100
  • Laptop connection via VGA or HDMI
  • Projector and projection screen
  • Amplified sound available (1 podium microphone, 1 lavalier microphone and 1 hand held microphone)

Boyer Patio

  • The patio can be booked independently or along with the Boyer 159 conference room.
  • Availability of the patio alone is dependent on Boyer 159 being unoccupied (due to noise issues).

Contact information for Boyer Hall breakrooms: 

 Room Contact/Phone Email
2nd Floor, Room 244 Cindy Chau    x49965
3rd Floor, Room 344 Allard Lab –
4th Floor, Room 444 Marla Gonzalez
5th Floor, Room 554 Caroline Baron   x49948
5th Floor, Room 529 Eloy Lopez    x52917
6th Floor, Room 644 Steve Clarke   x58754