Renting Poster Boards and Easels from Boyer Hall

Easels and poster boards are available for rental from Boyer Hall, through a Sales and Service agreement. Rental rates are $10 per easel/board, billed via interdepartmental recharge.

Poster boards are available in 4 x 4 and 4 x 3 sizes. Boards and easels are picked up/dropped off from Boyer Hall 135 (loading dock).

Transporting the easels: Depending on the size of the order and the event location, users should bring a sturdy cart for pick up, or arrange for a truck or van. The most convenient parking for pick up is the BSRB loading dock (615 Charles Young Drive South, close to the intersection with Tiverton). UCLA Facilities will also pick-up/drop off easels, if users submit a Facilities Service Request.  
All boards and easels should be returned in the condition and the packaging they were provided in.

Please contact Brandon Medrano ( or Oren Saig ( with any questions.

Easel/poster board rental request form

Date for pick up from Boyer Hall 135(Required)
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Date of return to Boyer Hall 135(Required)
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