Tanya Stoyanova*

Tanya Stoyanova, Ph.D.

Office Address:
CHS 23-316


Associate Professor, Molecular and Medical Pharmacology

Research Interests

Stoyanova lab develops new cancer early detection approaches and therapeutic strategies for late stage cancers. The current research areas of interest are:

1) Targeted cancer therapies. Stoyanova lab utilizes multiple approaches to develop new therapeutic strategies for late-stage cancers, including discovery and testing new therapeutic targets and new small molecule inhibitors.

2) Antibody-based therapies for advanced prostate and other metastatic epithelial cancers. Stoyanova lab develops and tests antibody-based strategies as targeted cancer therapies.

3) Combination therapies for metastatic cancers. We are testing multiple experimental agents in combination with FDA-approved cancer therapies to enhance therapeutic responses.


A selected list of publications:


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