Danielle Schmitt

Danielle Schmitt, Ph.D.

Office Address:
5040A Young Hall


Assistant Professor, Chemistry & Biochemistry

Research Interests

The Schmitt Lab is focused on answering the question: How does the cell organize essential processes like metabolism and signaling to coordinate cell function and fate? To answer this question, the Schmitt Lab takes a multi-disciplinary approach to identify mechanisms for sub-cellular compartmentation of metabolic processes, including signaling networks regulating metabolism and metabolites. We develop genetically encoded fluorescent protein-based biosensors to study cellular activity in single cells in real time with high spatial and temporal resolution using live cell fluorescence microscopy. We use these biosensors to (1) study kinase signaling networks which regulate metabolic processes and (2) interrogate sub-cellular dynamics of metabolites. We are interested in understanding how metabolism is spatiotemporally regulated in the cell, and how diseases of metabolic origin, like cancer and inborn errors of metabolism perturb this regulation.


A selected list of publications:


Schmitt, D.L., Curtis, S.D., Lyons, A.C., Chen, M., He, C.Y., Mehta, S., Shaw, R.J., and Zhang, J. Spatial regulation of AMPK signaling revealed by a sensitive kinase activity reporter. Nature Communications, 13 (2022)

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