Alice Soragni

Alice Soragni, Ph.D.

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Assistant Professor-in-Residence, Orthopaedic Surgery
Research Interests

We develop strategies to test drugs in 3D tumor organoid models in a fast, reliable, high-throughput, inexpensive manner. Requiring few tumor cells, we aim to extend our methods to test combination of chemotherapies or targeted therapies directly on primary tumors from patients’ biopsies or surgical samples in order to personalize treatment.
Our most current work is focused on sarcoma, ovarian cancer, neuroendocrine tumors as well as neurofibromas.

Additionally, We are investigating the role of p53 aggregation in cancer onset and progression. We exploit p53 aggregation for therapeutic intervention using peptide drugs, and are testing combinatorial regimens with traditional chemotherapy and other targeted agents. In addition, we are studying the role of protein aggregation in cancer more broadly, by identifying which proteins misfold and accumulate in different cancers, in which conditions this happens and design therapeutic peptides to target them for cancer therapy.


A selected list of publications:

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Of scientists and tweets

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Patient-Derived Tumor Organoid Rings for Histologic Characterization and High-Throughput Screening

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Point of View: Journal clubs in the time of preprints

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Personalized chordoma organoids for drug discovery studies

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