Gene Regulation, Epigenomics and Transcriptomics Faculty

Douglas Black
Regulation of gene expression through pre-mRNA splicing
Genhong Cheng
Host immune responses to infections, cancers and metabolic challenges
Jason Ernst
Machine learning methods to analyze high-throughput data
Guoping Fan
Epigenetic mechanisms in neural development and stem cell differentiation
Feng Guo
Molecular mechanism of microRNA biogenesis
Tracy Johnson
Pre-messenger RNA splicing and processing; chromatin modification
Chentao Lin
Signal Transduction of plant photoreceptors 
Shuo Lin
Development of specialized cell types during vertebrate embryogenesis
Bill Lowry
Cell fate decisions in development and cancer
Hanna Mikkola
Molecular regulation of hematopoietic stem cell development
Bennett Novitch
Mechanisms of differentiation of neural stem cells into defined lineages
Kathrin Plath
Epigenetic regulation of stem cell self-renewal, differentiation, and cancer
Dinesh Rao
Physiology and pathology of non-coding RNA in hematopoiesis
Tamer Sallam
Contributions of long non-coding RNAs in cardiometabolic disease
Ke Shuai
Signal transduction and gene expression
Stephen Smale
Gene regulation mechanisms controlling inflammatory responses
Yi Sun
Molecular control of neural stem cell proliferation and differentiation
Peter Tontonoz
Regulation of gene expression by nuclear hormone receptors
Thomas Vallim
Transcriptional and post-transcriptional regulation of lipid metabolism
Cun-Yu Wang
Molecular regulation of dental stem cell property
Xinshu Grace Xiao
Genomics and bioinformatics of post-transcriptional gene regulation in biology & disease
Yi Xing
RNA regulatory networks and their impact on phenotypic traits and disease