BBSB Faculty

Anne Andrews
Serotonin neurotransmitter system and complex behaviors 
Gal Bitan
Development of therapeutic and diagnostic tools for proteins aggregation diseases
Douglas Black
Regulation of gene expression through pre-mRNA splicing
James Bowie
Membrane Protein Folding and Synthetic Biochemistry for Green Production of Chemicals and Biofuels
Samson Chow
Molecular mechanisms of viral integration into host DNA
John Colicelli
Signal transduction through GTPase and tyrosine kinase pathways 
Pascal Egea
Structural Biology of Protein and Lipid Trafficking in Eukaryotic Cells
Kym Faull
Mass spectrometry, metabolomics and proteomics
William Gelbart
Physical aspects of viral infectivity and gene delivery systems
Ben Glasgow
Structure and function of lipid carrier proteins in tears
Tamir Gonen
Structures and functions of membrane proteins involved in homeostasis using cryoEM
Robert Gunsalus
Regulation of respiratory and carbon pathways in microorganisms
Feng Guo
Molecular mechanism of microRNA biogenesis
Zhefeng Guo
Structure and fibrillization mechanisms of amyloid fibrils
Kent Hill
Motility and Signaling Functions of the Trypanosome Cilium
Jing Huang
Structure and function of protein networks in the cell
Lin Jiang
Computational structural biology and drug design for protein aggregation diseases
Tracy Johnson
Pre-messenger RNA splicing and processing; chromatin modification
Sriram Kosuri
Developing technologies to understand and engineer biological systems
Joseph Loo
Studying protein expression and structure by proteomics and mass spec.
Daniel Low
Modeling of human breathing motion, radiation therapy
Megan McEvoy
Mechanisms of bacterial metal ion handling systems
Mayank Mehta
Neural mechanisms of space-time perception using virtual reality and computational modeling
Gregory Payne
Mechanisms of intracellular protein traffic and endocytosis 
Kathrin Plath
Epigenetic regulation of stem cell self-renewal, differentiation, and cancer
Jian Yu Rao
Develop tools for cancer screening and early detection
Amy Rowat
Physical properties, structure and function of cells and the nucleus
Hui Sun
Targeting new classes of membrane receptors to develop novel therapeutics
Wei Wang
Bioinformatics and computational biology
Shimon Weiss
Single molecule biophysics; macromolecular interactions
Todd Yeates
Structural, computational, and synthetic biology
Stephen Young
Pathogenesis of hypertriglyceridemia and diseases of the nuclear lamina
Hong Zhou
CryoEM of membrane proteins, protein-nucleic acid complexes and microbes