Celebrating Achievement

A growing number of our students from under-represented minorities are being recognized for their academic achievements and leadership.
The HHMI Gilliam program ensures that populations historically excluded from and underrepresented in science are prepared to assume leadership roles, including as college and university faculty. The MBIDP currently has 6 students and their mentors who have been awarded Gilliam Fellowships for Advanced Study.
They are:

  • Jessica Ochoa (Todd Yeates)
  • Lauren Thurlow (Tracy Johnson)
  • Raquel Aragon (Melissa Spencer)
  • Gloria Hernandez (Luisa Iruela-Arispe)
  • Devin Gibbs (April Pyle)
  • Clara Cano (Kathrin Plath)
  • Kelly Kennewick (Steven Bensinger)

Eugene V. Cota-Robles Diversity Fellowships support individuals from cultural, racial, linguistic, geographic and socioeconomic backgrounds that are currently underrepresented in graduate education. Awardees are chosen based on their drive and motivation to overcome barriers in education, their engagement in programs focused on increasing representation of underrepresented groups and their commitment to contribute to diversity and equal opportunity in higher education.   This year (2020) the program will have 22 students supported by Cota-Robles fellowships.