Anastasia Vavilina

Research Project:

Anastasia studies transcription factors governing hematopoietic stem cell proliferation, self-renewal, and differentiation.


MLLT3 governs human haematopoietic stem-cell self-renewal and engraftment – Calvanese V, Nguyen AT, Bolan TJ, Vavilina A, Su T, Lee LK, Wang Y, Lay FD, Magnusson M, Crooks GM, Kurdistani SK. Nature, December 2019 ;576(7786):281-6.

Intestinal serotonin and fluoxetine exposure modulate bacterial colonization in the gut – Fung TC, Vuong HE, Luna CD, Pronovost GN, Aleksandrova AA, Riley NG, Vavilina A, McGinn J, Rendon T, Forrest LR, Hsiao EY. Nature Microbiology, December 2019 ;4(12):2064-73.

Viral Capsid Trafficking along Treadmilling Tubulin Filaments in Bacteria – Chaikeeratisak V, Khanna K, Nguyen K, Sugie J, MacKennon ME, Erb ML, Vavilina A, Nonejuie P., Pogliano J. Cell, June 2019 13;177(7):1771-80.