An-Chieh Feng

An-Chieh, a liver transplant surgeon, is also a researcher focusing on epigenetic profiling of the inflammatory response in macrophages in the lab of Dr. Stephen Smale. She has contributed to publications in Cell, Nature Communications, and eLife. As a TA, she excels at explaining scientific concepts to students and has received stellar reviews from those in her sections. Her skill at breaking down concepts so that they are clear to the learner is further exemplified by her first-place win at the UCLA Grad Slam, a competition that challenges graduate student researchers to present their research in simple terms in three minutes. Her presentation was funny, informative, and interactive, exemplifying her skillset for science communication.  Dr. Smale adds that “An-Chieh has proven to be a remarkable young scientist and colleague. She has attacked every challenge with an exceptionally high level of skill, energy, and passion and, while her primary PhD thesis project has progressed rapidly and is providing a large number of novel insights into gene regulation circuitry associated with inflammation, she has somehow managed to excel to an equal extent in teaching, public speaking, and in a broad range of exciting collaborative studies.”


An-Chieh (third from left) takes first place at UCLA’s Grad Slam