Orkun Akin
Role of neural activity in sculpting the connectome
Utpal Banerjee
Blood stem cell maintenance; Metabolic and signaling control of Mammalian embryonic development
Linda Baum
Cell-cell interactions in immune system and cancer
Aparna Bhaduri
human brain development, as well as how these trajectories are hijacked in brain cancer such as glioblastoma
Douglas Black
Regulation of gene expression through pre-mRNA splicing
Paul Boutros
create biomarkers to maximize cure and minimize morbidities
Siobhan Braybrook
Assistant Professor of Molecular, Cell, and Developmental Biology
Mechanobiology of walled organisms
Jau-Nian Chen
Normal and abnormal development cardiovascular development
John Chute
Hematopoietic stem cells therapies for diseases such as leukemia
Hilary Coller
MBIDP Interim Chair
Molecular basis of cellular quiescence
Gay Crooks
Human hematopoietic stem cells, lymphopoiesis and transplantation
David Dawson
Molecular alterations responsible for pancreatic adenocarcinoma
Arjun Deb
Activating heart stem cells to generate new heart muscle 
Sophie X. Deng
Improve current treatments for patients with limbal stem cell deficiency
Sherin Devaskar
Substrate transporters and protection against hypoxic-ischemic brain injury
Lars Dreier
Synapse formation and regulation of neurotransmitter receptors
Jason Ernst
Machine learning methods to analyze high-throughput data
Andrew Goldstein
Epithelial stem cells & prostate cancer initiation and progression
Thomas Graeber
Systems biology of cancer and immune signaling and metabolism
Ming Guo
Molecular mechanisms of Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease
Neil Harris
Plasticity and function after traumatic brain injury
Kent Hill
Motility and Signaling Functions of the Trypanosome Cilium
Jimmy Hu
Signaling pathway and biomechanical regulation of morphogenesis and epithelial stem cells
Tracy Johnson
Pre-messenger RNA splicing and processing; chromatin modification
Carla Koehler
Mitochondrial biogenesis- protein translocation into mitochondria
Deborah Krakow
Genes and mechanisms that lead to inherited osteochondrodysplasia
David Krantz
Molecular mechanisms that regulate neurological function and neuropsychiatric illnesses
Shuo Lin
Development of specialized cell types during vertebrate embryogenesis
Bill Lowry
Cell fate decisions in development and cancer
Hanna Mikkola
Molecular regulation of hematopoietic stem cell development
Lachezar Nikolov
Genetic and developmental basis of plant secretory structures, single-cell transcriptomics and gene regulatory networks driving floral development
Bennett Novitch
Mechanisms of differentiation of neural stem cells into defined lineages
Tim O’Sullivan
Tissue-resident innate immune responses during infection, cancer, and obesity
Frank Pajonk
Cancer stem cells, proteasomes and radiation biology
Gregory Payne
Mechanisms of intracellular protein traffic and endocytosis 
Matteo Pellegrini
Development and application of tools to interpret genomic and epigenomic data
Patricia Phelps
Neuronal migration and axonal elongation in rodent spinal cord
Kathrin Plath
Epigenetic regulation of stem cell self-renewal, differentiation, and cancer
April Pyle
Biology of pluripotent stem cells, skeletal muscle and disease
Karen Reue
Genes underlying disorders in lipid and glucose metabolism
Amy Rowat
Physical properties, structure and function of cells and the nucleus
Alvaro Sagasti
Growth of sensory axon arbors in the peripheral nervous system
David Shackelford
intersection of signal transduction and metabolism in cancer in order to identify the molecular and metabolic basis of tumor development and progression
Pavak Shah
Synaptogenesis and neural circuit development
Michael Teitell
Mitochondrial metabolism; Stem and B cell development and malignancy; bioengineering
Jorge Torres
Mitotic spindle formation during cell division and its misregulation in human diseases like cancer
Eric Vilain
Genetics of development of the reproductive axis (hypothalamus-pituitary-gonads)
Rhonda Voskuhl
using neurogenetics in a cell-specific, region-specific, and sex-specific approach to identifying new targets for treatment of neurodegenerative diseases and brain aging
Lili Yang
Tumor Immunology and Cancer Immunotherapy
Ye Zhang
Astrocyte development and neurological disorders
Jie Zheng
Therapeutic development in ophthalmology and Wnt signaling pathways