Sandy Alvarez

Research Project:

Sandy studies the molecular mechanisms underlying netrin-mediated axon guidance and circuitry formation during nervous system development.


Alvarez, Sandy, Honeychurch, Kaitlyn and Samantha J. Butler.  Ectopic expression of the netrin family differentially disrupts axon growth in the developing spinal cord.  In preparation for Development

Alvarez, Sandy, Supraja G. Varadarajan, and Samantha J. Butler. Dorsal commissural axon guidance in the developing spinal cord. Current Topics in Developmental Biology. Submitted.

Commissural Axon Guidance in the developing spinal cord: from Cajal to the present day – Comer, John D., Sandy Alvarez, Samantha J. Butler and Julia A. Kaltschmidt. Neural Development. 2019; 14(9).