Matthew Lowe

Research Project:

Matthew is investigating the maturation of germ cell progenitors.


EED is Required for Male and Female Primordial Germ Cell Differentiation in the Embryonic Gonad – Lowe M, Yen MR, Gorgy I, Hu Z, Hosohama L, Hunt T, Chen PY, Clark A. Developmental-
Cell-D-19-00917. DOI:

Age-related expansion of luminal progenitor cells maintains old mouse prostate. –  Crowell, P.D., Fox, J.J., Hashimoto, T., Diaz, J.A., Navarro, H.I., Feldmar, B.A., Lowe, M.G., Garcia, A.J., Wu, Y.E., Sajed, D.P., Goldstein, A.S. (YEAR).