Jeannette Bowler

Research project:

Jeannette is studying the structure of amyloid proteins using x-ray crystallography and other biophysical methods. She is currently focusing on alpha-synuclein and its interaction with cell membranes.


Murray KA, Hu CJ, Seidler PM, Griner SL, Bowler JT, Abskharon R, Rosenberg GM, Bentzel M, Eisenberg DS. “De novo designed protein inhibitors of amyloid aggregation and seeding.” Will be submitted to PNAS by the start of Aug.

Structure based inhibitors of Amyloid Beta core suggest a common interface with Tau – Griner SL, Seidler P, Bowler J, Murray KA, Yang TP, Sahay S, Sawaya MR, Cascio D, Rodriguez JA, Hattne J, Philipp S, Sosna J, Glabe C, Gonen T, Eisenberg DS. eLife 8:e46924. 2019 Oct 15.