Allison Daly

Research project:

Allison is investigating how different NFKB dimers bind to and regulate distinct subsets of genes which are critical for immune cell development, differentiation and activation


Interferon-mediated reprogramming of membrane cholesterol to evade bacterial toxins – Zhou QD, Chi X Lee, MS, Hsieh WY, Mkrtchyan JJ, Feng A-C, He C, York, AG, Bui VL, Kronenberger EB, Ferrari A, Xiao X, Daly AE, Tarling EJ, Damoiseaux R, Scumpia PO, Smale ST, Williams KJ, Tontonoz P,, Bensinger SJ. (2020). Nature Immunology, 21: 746-755, Epub 2020 Jun 8. PMID: 32514064.