Alexander Sercel

Research project:

Alex researches the mechanisms and metabolic effects of transferring mitochondria between cells.


Dawson E.R., Patananan A.N., Sercel A.J., Teitell M.A. (2020). Stable retention of chloramphenicol-resistant mtDNA to rescue metabolically impaired cells. Scientific Reports (Manuscript Accepted)

Sercel A.J., Patananan A.N., Man T., Wu T-.H., Yu A.K., Guyot G.W., Rabizadeh S., Kayvan R.N., Chiou P-.Y., Teitell M.A. (2020). Stable mtDNA transplantation by high-throughput, pressurized mitochondrial delivery. Cell Metabolism (Manuscript submitted)

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Sercel A.J., Natasha C., Patananan A.N., Teitell M.A. (2020). A genetic identity crisis: the fluid nature of stem cell mtDNA. Trends in Cell Biology (Manuscript in preparation)